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Multi language form


  • El started the conversation

    Good morning,

    I have a multi language stite. Im using for example: <?php echo Statics::tr(\"First_Info_Text\"); ?> to translate each part of my website. Im looking for \'SEND\' to put <?php echo Statics::tr(\"SEND\"); ?> to translate a submit button text into a differet languages. Where I can find it?

    It would be great to translate all fileds (Label_Text etc) using this method... However there is a solution. I can make a new module in Spanish and put name of Label Text in Spanish. Than duplicate module in other language and so on. Unfortunately I will still see SEND so this is the main problem.

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    Amit replied

    the send button u can put the text here:


    u need to make one module per language

  • El replied

    Thank You for your help. It works for SEND button. But not for \'success message text\'.


    I can put there anything and I always get: Form sent successfully!

    When I safe&close UniteForm to check it later I will see at background my own message. But on website there is still: Form sent successfully!

  •   Max replied privately
  • El replied

    I have next BUG.

    I have 3 forms: cat, dog, pig. I want to duplicate last one because I need more. Page refresh and suddenly all names are different, they are the same: \'copy of pig\' and also shortcodes are \'{uniteforms copy_of_pig}\'. All 4 forms has the same name: \'copy of pig\' and the same shortcode {uniteforms copy_of_pig}.


    Thank God, elements and styles are good.

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  • El replied

    Thank You for your reply. I hope problem is solved. How about first problem with saving new text as success message text?

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