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Can't redirect to a new customised success article


  • Anna started the conversation

    Hi, I've got a new question about Forms.

    I've done a form. All works fine.

    But, I can't achieve redirect to a new customised article when a form is sent.

    I've tried different options in the check buttons in the capture.

    When i send the form, always shows the standar message "Form sent successfully!" , but never my customised article. What must I do to make it works ?

  •   Max replied privately
  • Paolo Levato replied

    Hi, id like to do the same, to redirect users to a landing page after the form is sent, is that possible?


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    Max replied

    HI. if you have the last version of the forms it should be ok. 

    current version is: 24.2 

    what version do you have? if you have another version, please download this one from unitecms.net website and update.