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Upload Field


  • Gilbert started the conversation


    Il\'ve make a form using UniteForm everyting is good but it dosent have an Upload or Attach file field for the visiter can upload thing like image or file.


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    Max replied

    HI, thanks for the feature request. We will try to make this field on the future updates and when we do, I\'ll write you here.

    I just don\'t know when it will be.

  • Gilbert replied

    Ok so i see int the backend demo on your site an \"image field\" and i dont have this field choice in my backend site.

    Why i dont have it? and Is it a feild to upload ?


    \"\"Thanks again

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    Max replied

    HI, the version that is now has the \"image\" field. You can download it from unitecms.net and update (version 6.12). It\'s not the \"upload\" field, only custom image field, like the title and description.

    But, the upload field is on our update list, and we already started to work on it. When the version will be ready I\'ll let you know.

  • Gilbert replied

    Thank you verry much i wait for the upload field

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    Max replied

    Hi, just done the upload field, updated the version in unitecms.net website. Please download new version and update the extension.