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Cache issue


  • Alain started the conversation

    Although I deleted images from Joomla Media Manager, when I browse to upload new image but having the name of older one, it is the old image that I see. It would not be logic to rename all new images differently from old ones just to avoid the issue.

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    Max replied

    Hi, do you actually see the old image or just the name of it?  The name remains, the image should not be seen because you renamed it. 

    But it's better just to remove the images from the slider too and change them to another images, it's not good to keep references to images that are not exists. The slider could not work because of it. 

  • Alain replied

    I deleted all images from Joomla Media Manager and I removed all images from the slider. I even deleted the slider and created a new one.

    I then put new images while keeping their old names in the local image folder.

    When I uploaded images with Revolution Slider Manager, I see old images, not the new ones. The only way to get new images with Revolution Slider Manager is to rename all new images differently from old ones in the local image folder. Now I don't think it is logic to rename "logo.gif" to "logo2.gif".

  •   Max replied privately