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Hidden slide load on click?


  • Melroy started the conversation

    Hello, trying to make a slider that will have 3 slides. BUT slide 4,5,6 are not in the slideshow and are hidden. In Slide 1 has a button to 'Apply' when you click that it will take you to slide 4 and the slide has a form which we can fill and submit. Same way slide 2 will have a Button to click and will take you to slide 5, slide 3 has a button that will take you to slide 6. Users dont see slide 4,5 and 6 if they DONT click any buttons and the slide show will loop back to 1,2,3...1,2,3 in this way. Please let me know what to do. Great Slider by the way and used on other sites that we got with Envanto templates.

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    Amit replied

    u can link between slides but u can not have unvisble slides. the navigation has to be liner between all slides