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Upgrade to version 4.6.5


  • Jay started the conversation

    How do I quickly mover my Slide layers (texts and images) from the old version into the installed new version 4.6.5?

  •  978
    Amit replied

    which version are u using currently ?

  • Jay replied

    ver. 2.1.7

  •  978
    Amit replied

    then u can no import the revolution 2 its like a new product

  • Jay replied

    For now, as a quick fixt, I'd like to keep my OLD version until new version (already installed) is set-up properly. 

    The only issue is that slider (bg4_jpg) is not loading ('index' appears at top left corner) @ http://before40-africa.com

    I'll appreciate some support to rectify this, please.

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