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new Mega Slider widget


  • Nicolino started the conversation


    I saw the video about your new widget and find it very good excepted one point (and the same point that i continue asking about).It seems that there is no way to automatically display dynamic custom posts with.

    Am i right ? And if so why you are you continuing to not add dynamic process in your widgets ? 

    Thx in letting me know please.

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    Amit replied

    In which widget would you like the multi-source added. 

    Can you state a list of 5 widgets by priority

  • Nicolino replied

    Thanks Amit, 
    Sorry in continuing asking about but it's now since my first suscription (last 2021) that i'm waiting for.
    For me rvery client shouldn't have to put their hands in Elementor but in wordpress.
    That's why dynamic way is really important to let the webedesigner create and display a good layout and to synch it with wordpress data (with additionnal CPT UI and ACF help).

    Here my wishes list by priority. Needs are that widget can be synch with any custom posts and with a template helps can display acf infos.
    Hoping you can answer to my needs and i'm pretty sure that this need is for a lot of unlimited elements users.

    Unlimited Google Maps

    Mega Slider

    Unlimited Grid

    adding extra options to connect with differents custom posts (it seems that for now it's only synch with defaut wordpress posts)

    Video Playlist

    And last but not least a dynamic repeater accordeon

    Thanks in advance

  •   Max replied privately
  • Nicolino replied

    HAve you succeed to going on with your multisource connections for widgets ?

    Thx in letting me know please.