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Bug: Change on click does not work for carousels when information is updated via ajax


  • Chris started the conversation

    When creating a post carousel, using the "change on click" works on initial load when all categories are visible. But when clicking a filter through the tabs filter widget, This functionality becomes completely broken. Only refreshing the page and going back to "All" categories works.

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    Amit replied

    can you please provide a link to your setup?

  • Chris replied

    Well currently I'm still designing the site. I did come across a new roadblock, perhaps you would happen to know if github.io supports ajax at all?

    Currently I'm designing the site on my localhost, and I just published the site through SimplyStatic to create static optimized pages for the site that are eligible to be posted on github pages.


    There, you should be seeing 4 icons in a vertical column between the posts and the card selection. Those icons are utilizing tab filtering to query the tabs, but it seems to be disabled on default settings on this github server. 
    I might have to look into other hosting options - but regardless this issue is still present. Not sure if the content will appear in the inspector

  • Chris replied

    Hope this helps:


    In my localhost version of the site, I am using the tabs filter to populate all of the categories created within custom post type "portfolio" and am excluding uncategorized.

    however, there are 2 issues I can't seem to point toward a solution:

    1. When the page initially loads, it querys ALL within EVERY category, where I only want it to show the category of the first Icon. I'm not sure how to exclude the "ALL" within subcategories, but also include others.

    2. When clicking any of the buttons "Outside of the "ALL" category, the click to interact on the cards doesn't work anymore, it simply activated the "dragged" commands but clicking the cards does nothing.

  •   Max replied privately
  • Chris replied

    Hi max. Please review the gyazo video recording posted below. As I have said already, the github page is the best I can show right now. I am designing this website locally, and found out sooner than later that github pages might not support ajax. 

    In the localhost version of my site, I am using the tabs filter. When I click to filter the query, the click to activate stops working after the filter changes.