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JS module is not working


  • Thangjam Kishorchand started the conversation

    Hello, Support,

    I am creating a widget that requires me to add the JS in the JS module (type="module"),  under JS / CSS Includes, I add the JS and define (attachment) (type: module), and when I see it on the live demo site. type='module" is not added to the JS.

    I think it is a bug


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  • Thangjam Kishorchand replied

    Thank you, Max, for replying.

    The JS/CSS's " Include as ES6 module" did not add type="module" to my HTML but if I use the import statement in the JS tab with “load as module” checked it works fine. Now, I am having issues

    1. if I checked include as an ES6 module, I see the preview on my Elementor Editor but it wouldn't output as type="module" in the frontend.
    2. If I use the import statement in the JS tab, it will output as type="module" in my JS but I am not seeing the preview on my frontend.

    I attached a zip file where you can look

    Thank you again


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  • Thangjam Kishorchand replied

    Max, it doesn't work on my Localhost environment but it works on my live site.

    Thank you for confirming 

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