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Post Grid Widget Custom Meta Fields


  • Doug Burger started the conversation

    I'm not a developer, but I get around pretty well thanks to Unlimited Elements! Anyway, I'm building a new site and on the posts, I want the category and/or tag for any particular post to show up in the Additional Data area but have no clue what to fill in for the Custom Meta Field 1, 2, etc. I've spent hours trying to find it  but am having to resort to support. Thanks.

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    Amit replied

    you can show the category or tag right now no ?

  • Doug replied

    In Additional Data in Post Grid, I want to show the category and/or tag for a post next to the date field. Nothing I try to put in the Meta Field Name field will work. 

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    Amit replied

    the category or tag are in layout in the widget configuration not in additional data