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i am having a problem in erasing the copied section using doubly on my website.


  • Konark started the conversation

    I used to doubly to copy paste three sections from the website of "unlimited elements" to my website "konarkdevelopers.com" for trial purposes. I want to delete/remove/erase those sections but i am unable to do so because those sections are copied on the front end and now those sections are to seen on my whole website which is live and which is affecting my website. i expect the fastest reply from your end as i have a business website online.

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    Amit replied

    Hi Konrak. 

    you see on the top edit with Elemenotor click that button and delete the sections from the page and save. 

    Do you know how to use Elementor?

  • Julia replied

    Hello it is happening to me as well. How did you solve it? This Doubly app seems to paste on my frontend and NOT on my elementor... So now I cant erase it through elementor. And through frontend I dont know how how to do it

    Please can someone help???

  •   Max replied privately