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Scheduling time zone


  • Brian Wold started the conversation

    Our Joomla setup is set for a different time zone than the server, which allows us to schedule articles to be released at a particular time. However, any scheduled Rev Slider items seem to be released according to the server time zone, which in our case makes them an hour earlier. 

    Any way to set Rev Slider to use the Joomla Time Zone setting? Or if not that, a way to set the slider to match it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Igor replied


    this would require developing such feature, but since our developers decided not to update Joomla extensions that we have, I am afraid that the only solution for you would be to:

    1. either schedule your slides knowing this limitation, so they should be scheduled an hour later

    2. change the code of the slider on your own to match the Joomla time zone