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  • Terry started the conversation

    Does this plugin still let you import with images.  It doesn't seem to work on my site.  I've used it in the past but now it doesn't seem to work.  

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  • steve beer replied

    Hi Terry, I'm having the same problem, the import template with images button appears briefly then disappears before I can use it.

    The replies to your ticket are all private so I can't tell if you found a solution.

  • Terry replied

    nah they just ask for access to my site to check on the issue. I'm not really up for that though lol. I pretty much just rebuilt my pages from backup. I think there is something wrong with the recent update

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    Max replied

    HI, I still ask for access. If I'll see the bug I'll fix it. especially css bugs like this, is very important to let me see it in your wp so I could fix.