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Plugin just dissapeared / corrupted


  • Arno started the conversation

    I don't know what caused It, not sure I set automatic update for the plugin, but the plugin is suddenly gone. I got an error message on the plugin page that the plugin file couldn't been found. So there's still some registration about the plugin in WP, but otherwise It's gone from the plugin page, also when I FTP to the plugin directory. 

    That's not something I expect to happen. I'll try to restore It with a backup, or reinstalling it and hopefully get all my created widgets back, but just wanted to let you know that I hope this was a one-time thing and something other may have had to after an update?

  • Arno replied

    FYI, just just happened over the weekend without touching it.

  • Arno replied

    Re-installing the widget through WP solved the issue ... so apparently everything was still there, just the plugin got corrupted after and update I expect. Still have to re-install the pro version. 

    I'm sure you guys will look into It this doesn't happen again? I mean ... It destroys the website. I need reliability.

  •   Max replied privately