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Justified Columns Gallery - display image description in lightbox?


  • Chandesh Parekh started the conversation

    Hi, I'm using the Justified Column Gallery widget (Unlimited Elements for Elementor) and would like to display the image description in the lightbox - 

    1. Is this possible? 

    2. If it's possible, is there a way I can format the layout of the lightbox so the image displays in a left column and the image name and description display in a right column?


  •   Max replied privately
  • Chandesh Parekh replied

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the response, it's much appreciated.

    I can see there is an option for the description, which by default is set to false (lightbox_textpanel_enable_description: false, //enable the description text on this page of the docs: http://unitegallery.net/index.php?page=tiles-justified-options): is it possible to add a switch for this (show/hide)? Though, for me personally, this will only be useful if the question below can be answered in the affirmative...

    Regarding my 2nd question below, do you know if it's possible to format the layout of the lightbox (this is the design I'm working to: https://tinyurl.com/yjtsnen4) and if it is possible where would I do that?

    Thanks again.

  •   Max replied privately