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Override default selector prefix for Typography


  • Dustin started the conversation

    I have a similar question to this ticket:


    I am creating a widget that opens a popup from inline content output by each item and I would like a way to target that content with the CSS generated by Unlimited Elements, however once the inline content is cloned and appended to the popup (which is appended to the Body), it is no longer contained within the Elementor prefixed classes.

    It would be ideal if there was a way to override the prefixing, maybe by adding "body" before the selector or a specific ID or something. 

    I know I can use the Twig variables in the stylesheet, but this is mostly important for Typography and other fields that only output the styles directly to the page (no variables).

    I figured out how to make it work using the font styling for each text field and outputting the raw content, but if there were a lot of items, this would add a lot of unnecessary styles to the page, instead of using classes.

    Any tips or suggestions would be great!

    On a final note, I love this plugin! 

    It has been a huge help to be able to quickly create custom widgets that would have otherwise taken much longer.

    Thanks again!

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