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jQuery error


  • miks started the conversation

    Good day

    I have this problem according to the jQuery Migrate Helper

    wp-content/plugins/addon-library/js/admin.js: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated

    Please update this plugin for the newer versions of WP! PLease help

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  • miks replied

    Good day Max

    I do not get it. You let me install a free version, oder then the one we have installed?

    But ok - I did. After installation of the version 1.0.42 wordpress said there is an update.

    I installed the update and I end up with the same like before - Addon Library - Addons for Visual Editors

    Version 1.3.76

    Basically nothing changed. Or do I get something wrong? Did I something wrong?

    Kind regards

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  • miks replied

    Good day. Thx. I did.

    Still need to check if this query stuff is gone

    What do I have to do with Go Unlimited? Does it work like before? Even import Adds?

    Kind regards

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