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How to choose "Slider Layout"


  • Nick started the conversation

    Newbie alert!

    I can make the slider work, sort of. My picture never really looks good in my template. How do I choose or set these?

    • Image size - I have a static background image. It should not tile. How will it resize for mobile vs. desktop?
    • Slider Layout - I don't understand the options very well. How does Auto Responsive work?
    • How does the Slider Layout choice interact with the template's module position?

    I have been making test sliders much of the day. This is one part I have not figured out via experimentation.

    The site is not live/publicly accessible.

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    Max replied

    Hi, if you give me a link to our website, I could look at it and answer on some concreet questions. 

    in general, auto responsive should be responsive, if your website is responsive too and the module position is right for the slider (where you put it). 

    Please show me the website, and ask concreet question, then I could answer you a concreet answer.