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Links problem


  • Mohammed started the conversation

    I have a problem with the links that I put in the widget when I click on the link it takes me to a sub-link, not to the same link.

    for example:

    In the pic, when I click on the link it should take me to arabistats.com/players/147563/. however, it's not.

    it takes me to arabistats.com/matchs/1484351/arabistats.com/players/147563/.

    which means it's treating the link as a sub-link, not a normal link.

    how should I fix this???

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  •   Max replied privately
  • Mohammed replied


    if you wanna check it out .. please click on 'Salem Al Dawsari'.. it's the only player page available for now.


    this is the link that the button should take me to:


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  • Mohammed replied

    sorry, I deleted the page by mistake. may you check again?

  •   Max replied privately
  • Mohammed replied

    actually I only added "https://" to the link and reupload it to solve another problem and it solved them both LOL that's embarrassing. thanks anyway.