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doesnt work on google chrome


  • Ganda started the conversation

    1. it works on mozila but not on google chrome. I have updated my google chrome software as well. It only shows gray background. Pls explain? 

    2. While in IE, there is lousy loading thin white bar on the top and it's not proper for the user. The screen moves to other part when this part start and finish loading?

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    Amit replied

    what version of the slider are you using maybe u also need to upgrade to latest version of slider. 

    or maybe u added some extension now causing a conflict. 

    can u please provide link after updating to latest ?

  • Fabrizio replied

    Good evening, sorry for the english but I'm Italian and I also have the same problem how to solve?

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    Amit replied

    please open a private ticket with website credentials fabrizio