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The "Padding" of "Item Attributes" does not work.


  • issei started the conversation

    1. Even though you have set it to Responsive, Responsive is not enabled on the operation screen. (No desktop, tablet or mobile icons coming up.)

    2. padding does not work even though the class to enable padding is specified.

    3. the margins are exactly the same, they don't display responsive and the margins don't work.

    I don't know if it's a mistake or a bug, so please let me know.

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  • issei replied

    Is the repeater feature a feature of Elementor rather than "Unlimited Elements"?
    It's inconvenient that you can't set padding and margins in repeaters.

    As a developer, can I make a request to Elementor?

    Considering the same number of margin fields as "padding-top,left,right,bottom", we need to add 8 more. Also, it's hard to use 8 of them in a row vertically.
    If you're typing this manually, there's no point in a widget...

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  • issei replied

    Thanks, I'll let Elementor know what I want to do.

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