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Widget Attributes Define, Not Being Used


  • Nick started the conversation

    I exported a content accordion widget and then imported it back in my custom category to create my own custom version.

    I changed the Widget Title and Widget Name so I know it's my custom version.

    Then under Edit Widget Attributes I changed all the colors (Heading Color, Content Background Color, Content Color, Heading Background Color, Icon Background Color). 

    Using this accordion with an ACF repeater field.

    In Preview Mode and then after I added it to my Theme Template it still uses the same colors as the original widget.  Do I have to modify the CSS instead of the values under the Attributes tab?

    How do I fix this so it uses the values specified under the Attributes tab?

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    Amit replied

    do u have a link ?

  • Nick replied

    Here is the link and a screenshot of the attributes.  It's the green content accordion at towards the bottom of the page.


    Attached files:  ue-widget-attr-Capture.JPG

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    Amit replied

    and the html?

  • Nick replied

    That's the problem with working at 11:30 PM at night, you miss things.  I did not see the widget attributes panel when I added the content accordion to my theme last night.  I see it now.  I have gone ahead and updated the attributes and that seems to work but now I have another problem.  Only part of the Icon Background Color gets colored, not the whole thing.  see screenshot.

    I looked at the css and it appears to be a separate element that is not referencing the Icon Background Color attribute, see second screenshot. How do we fix that?

    Also, I can't seem to figure out how to get the icon to show up?

    Attached files:  Theme-Widget-Attr-Capture.JPG

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    Amit replied

    i dont understand this is an accodion u made custom ? cause i see its name is diffrrent from our widgets