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Customizing the 'Article Overlay Image Carousel'


  • Amy Celona started the conversation

    RE: Article Overlay Image Carousel

    Is there any way that I can force the images to all be the same? Crop images to a standard size?

    Here's what I mean: https://www.screencast.com/t/Loaw5tB2

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    Amit replied

    Hi Amy,

    Nice to meet you. 

    I have made a change in the widget to suite your needs. 

    Please import the attached ad test

    Attached files:  uc_article_overlay_image_carousel_elementor.zip

  • Amy Celona replied

    Thank you. I would like to understand what changes you made. I am interested to learn how to edit existing as there are many widgets that really don't work as expected in real situations (not just perfect filler text).

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    Amit replied

    hi Amy actually i would be happy to improve any end situations you stumble into and give you a solution even if it means going over all my widgets and making changes. This would improve the product for other users as well. 

    You can edit the widget html by double clicking on the widget. 

    So in this exact case i change the img tag to a div tag with a background image and i added a field so you can determine the height of each tile. 

    On our youtube channel you can find many tutorials of all sorts of widget editing cases. 


  • Amy Celona replied

    Thank you for your response. I've been enjoying the videos very much, in fact your videos were key to me making the decision to invest in the $299 lifetime--however I have been having second thoughts.

    I've made a short video (below) of what I'm seeing (spoiler alert: there are very few styling options built in to any of these widgets, and as a designer not developer this can be a deal breaker).

    I've not asked for a refund yet because I would like to learn how to do the basic changes, but you need to start from a point WAY MORE basic than your videos on your YouTube channel. This is why I asked for step-by-step (not just the fix).

    Please let me know what you think:


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    Amit replied

    hi Amy thanks for investing i am sorry you are disappointed. 

    you can request for a refund any time in the 30 first days and you will get it no questions asked. 

    these are the step by step insturctions i have about each field 


    i think it will be hard for you to use the attributes without knowing code. its not enough to add an attribute you need to also add it in the html not only in the the attributes tab. 

    My suggestion still stands that i can add any options you want to any widget and i usually answer with the improvments in a couple of hours. If this does not suite you and you feel fustrated i will refund you no questions asked. 

    but to use the attributes you do need to understand code. 

  • Amy Celona replied

    Thank you for that information, however each video shows one attribute that sits alone. As I mentioned previously, pretty much none of the widgets provided have what I believe basic attributes built in (out of the box) like most premium Elementor widget services--ex., EP or Jet Elements, etc.). Which surprises me. It is like a diamond in the rough.

    Two things that do set your service apart are the ability to customize existing widgets/create new ones and of course your amazing support.

    However with the first benefit, I'm going to have a huge learning curve and the videos provided to real-world customize existing widgets is not sufficient (I've given you examples of that in the video below) and will slow me down (READ: I won't use them). And the second--the support--I don't know that this is a scalable business model for the long term.

    See my full feedback video:

    I am giving this feedback because I look forward to coming back to your service in the future when it is developed out a little more polished. And I look forward to it!

    thanks for listening!


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    Amit replied

    as i said i dont mind improving any widget you want and adding any feature you want. 

    good luck