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Widget export


  • Nelson Therrien started the conversation


    I've bought Unlimited Elements a couple of days ago...

    Following your tutorials, I created my first widget (attached). Maybe a chose one that was too comlex, I don't know... I had some CSS issues, but I think they are solved now and it seems to work fine...

    The problem is that I tried to export it and, I don't know if I did something wrong, but it doesn't work like expected at all...

    First, the layout has changed... The only thing I could see is that it was using the theme's CSS... Strangely, I used the same theme (Astra), it's just that in the first case I had imported a template (but still the widget was looking as the original one) and in the second I didn't...

    Secondly, I was very disapointed to see that my assets aren't exported with it... That means that if I want to reuse it on any other site, I need to go back in the settings an re-import the default images and the preview one... and that for each site... Doesn't make sense to me... I must note that my first installation is on a Multi-sites installation, is there an issue with it?

    Thank you.

    P.S. Here's the little video I did to show my widget, but I had to redo it few times, as when I was filming, things weren't going as expected... https://cl.ly/9605831c07af

    Attached files:  card_challenge_elementor.zip

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    Amit replied

    Hi Nelson 

    are you trying to use SCSS ?

    Look in codecanyon you can change from SCSS to compiled CSS which is regular css

    Wordpress does not suport SCSS

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    Amit replied

    you change it using the small arrow. do you see the small arrow ?

  • Nelson Therrien replied

    Yes, there was one line of SCSS...

    There are other strange behavior, but it's not because of it... The images are now exported.

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    Amit replied

    i kind of lost you. 

    do you need further help ?