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content accordion


  • javier portillo started the conversation


    When I try to edit items of the accordion, no editor appears in the textarea, it forces me to create the text separately in an external editor and paste the html code. Is there any way to add the Tiny editor? or similar. Thank you.

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    Amit replied

    double click on the wanted addon in my addons. 

    then go to item attributes

    click on the attribute and change the type from textarea to editor 

    dont forget to save 

  • javier portillo replied


    I had already tried to modify the attributes, but the text "Items as posts mode" appears in the item attributes tab and there is no way to change, add or modify anything. I have tried to duplicate the module to make changes, but I can't find a way to change the attribute of the "content" item. 

    I need to change in the "item attributes" tab

    Thank you! A greeting. 

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    Amit replied

    what is the accordion name u are trying to use ?

  • javier portillo replied

    OK, thanks. I have got it.