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instagram widget and acf


  • Fred started the conversation

    Hello I make artists pages where I would like their instagrma to appear. So in the artists posts I have an acf field called instagram. But wgen it comes to your widget (uc-white etc.) there's no possibility to have the instagram @name to be retrieved dynamicaly. 

    Do you have any idea how to achieve that?

    Thank you

  • Fred replied


    It could work also if your instagram user field could accept shortcodes.


  • Fred replied

    Hello again

    To be more specific

    when I put this shortcode in a shortcode field [acf field="instagram"] it returns the name of the user (ie @6monborro) so the only thing I need is that your widget accpet a shortcode in the user name field.


    Best regards

  •   Max replied privately