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Just a suggestion - Paragraph tool


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    D\'Arcy started the conversation

    Overall, I like the BLOX page builder for Wordpress and your support has been very good ... but there is a part of the "Paragraph Tool" that is very annoying and that is resizing the edit window. As a developer, I find myself going back and forth many time from tool to tool.

    Firstly, the paragraph tool edit window is hard to resize on my win10 desktop. Secondly, when constantly changing functions, the paragraph tool always reverts to a small window that makes editing difficult and thus requires resizing each time.

    I feel developer workflow would be much faster if the paragraph tool simply remembered the last "resize" parameters. Maybe there is a way to do this that I do not know about ... if so I would like to know how to set these parameters. Thanks for considering my comment.

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    D\'Arcy replied

    Received this in reply (reference "making paragraph tool window wider - Blox Wordpress")...

    Making 100% width page in Blox Page and Helix Framework

    Helix framework has no setting to make the row fluent. So this issue could be solved by adding some custom css to the page that will override the helix css.

    Go to grid settings->advanced, and add this css in the "page css" textarea:


    Problem is I have been unable to locate this setting (settings->advanced->page css). Please supply a little more guidance on changing these settings. This is important because my staff constantly complains about the "paragraph tool window" and it is one that we use all the time. Many Thanks ... D E Havill

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