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Set anchors


  • Nicu Barbu started the conversation


    Please help-me to set anchors in the page or how can I add an id to a div, href (to use it with an anchor link). Please see this prtscn: http://prntscr.com/lr84pj

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       Nicu Barbu

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    Amit replied

    anchors you can only set to sections so you need to seperate each line of two products to a diffrent section. 

    in advanced setting of section you have anchor id you give it for example 


    and the link should go to #one

  • Roman replied


    I am trying to set anchors, but they dont work. I setup an anchor for a section, the link to the anchor is #cumactioneaza, but it wont work. Can you help? I attached two screenshots. The website is: www.biomedis.ro

    Also, how can I set an anchor for the element in the section? For example set an anchor to an element in the Timeline addon?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Amit replied

    did you enable smooth scroll in page settings on top right settings icon

  • Roman replied

    I did after your comment, but the result is the same. Does not work.

    P.s. it's in wordpress, not stand alone.

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    Amit replied

    what did u put in the section id ?

  • Roman replied


    Nevermind. The solution came to me when i saw your question. I used the # sign in the section id :D, which was wrong.

    My bad.

    How can I put anchors for elements within a section?

    For example, if i want to have a link to a certain part of the timeline addon?

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    Amit replied

    we dont have this option