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Multiple images in posts to generate s slider in box content


  • Frédéric Jacquemin Véber started the conversation


    I'd like to know how I could import in a post list multiple images of a portfolio post to generate a slider instead of image in a box content.

    Datas imported from posts are limited. I don't find out how to resolve this issue.

    Thanks your your help.

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    Amit replied

    we dont have this option

  • Frédéric Jacquemin Véber replied

    Hi Amit,

    Finally, I used the add of medias in content of the post to generate a bxslider in my addon.

    It works but I need to reload bxslider because of my colorboxes, but I have an error about this in console: it says that function reloadSlider() doesn't exist. I search in js file of bxslider asset and I found out the function into it. Why can't I use it ? Do I need to activate something in assets ?

    Thanks for your help.

    URL to test : http://www.agence-bathyscaphe.fr/spac/en/news/

    It's about for instance "Seven new skilled workers in 2018!" post. When I click on photo, colorbox opens and bxslider plays. Then when I click on plus button to reopen it, bxslider is paused.

  •   Max replied privately