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Installed it but can't get it to wark.


  • Armands Sprogis started the conversation


    Just purchased plugin, installed it but seems I'm doing something wrong. 

    I added add ons as well. I wanted Content boxes with image background with button on them. Like I have on my home page. Current one on my home page doesn't work on mobile site, not sure why. 

    Site is in develop mode at the moment. 

    I wanted to add a row and split in 3 parts with 3 image backgrounds. Image attached. Exact copy of it. But when I add a row and add in a content box no settings are coming up. Wheel keeps spinning and no settings. 

    Let me know any thoughts there. 



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      Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 14.24.50.png

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    Amit replied

    i think there is a conflict with your theme. it has chhanged code files in the wpbakery core and uploading the settings twice making it stuck, 

    i suggest you request a refund in this link