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Can't find Blox elements hyperlinks


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    Marco Silvestri started the conversation

    Hi, I'm using Blox and I find it very useful. There is one feature I still can't find and - given the fact that you guys have done a great job with many different settings available - it's quite surprising I can't see it anywhere. I'm talking about the possibility to link a single add-on, column or section to any kind of web address, internal or external. 

    Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places? I Really can't imagine this simple yet fundamental feature is not available. 

    Thank you

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    Marco Silvestri replied

    Hi Max, thank you for replying back. 

    I'd like to understand if there is a simple method to put a link on a single add-on, on a column or on a section in blox.
    I'm using Joomla as main platform, although I will use blox also on wordpress-based website in the near future.

    Take a look at here: http://www.lagomarmi.it/index.php/blox

    I need to add a <a href> tag to several elements, for example:

    - First section, title and paragraph block
    - Second section: all the Animated Feature Boxes

    I found also another problem with the visualization of the background via mobile (iphone and ipad): while on the desktop version (even with the inspector set on mobile view) everything is ok, visiting the site with a real mobile device results in bad background visualization (the image is ruined and probably over-zoomed-in). This is a main issue for me: do you have any help for that?

    Thank you so much for your support.

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