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Problems after publishing websites


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    thank you for your product, but I wasn´t able to find any tutorial on how to publish the websites when it´s finished. I had to solve this problem by creating a very simple template where I put blox page builder module. Anyway I believe there might be an easier solution from your side for non IT persons :)

    Please, help me with these other issues:

    1) After publishing websites, a white border appeared around it in Firefox and Chrome. It is not visible only in Explorer.

    2) I would be grateful for better options in text formatting. At least "bold content box" - there is no possibility to choose text align or make some words bold.

    3) Video gallery - I used default theme, but the videos disappear.
    UPDATE: Would it be possible to update a simple vimeo player among basic addons? My website is built on videos and without any possibility to show them, I can delete the whole web.

    Joomla - 3.8.8

    Thank you for your help,

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    I made the addon for vimeo succesfully.

    But I am not able to get rid off the white frame around the whole website. Could you help me with this?


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    Hi again,

    done, thank you. Last question - now I found out, that the web doesn´t work responsively - on mobiles. Did I did something wrong?


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    Hi Max,

    I´m not able to fix it, maybe I should explain it better. Web works responsively, but only partly. It depends on browser window size. Desktop is fine. If I want to look at my websites on mobile with android, it is not responsive anymore. It seems there is no automatic switch between operation systems. Also when I chose an option "hide in mobile" for one picture, it still appears on mobile.

    Blox page builder is great, but I had to make my own joomla template, where I put it, so I could publish the web. I noticed another person asked you how to publish his websites. Unfortunately I couldn´t see the answer. Maybe all these problems would be solved if you would make your own joomla template for the blox (I can´t see blox in template list in joomla, but only in modules). Otherwise, it stays cool, but incomplete.

    Could you please share your JOOMLA template used as examples on your web?

    Thank you,


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