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BLOX PAGE BUILDER not displaying properly


  • Boris started the conversation

    For some reason BLOX PAGE BUILDER is not displaying properly in JOOMLA v3.8.8.  See below attachment.   I made a change, saved it and then say that it did not save as I setup.  See page https://jopapaspizza.com/sides

    I am getting nervous in using this product.  I need to make a change to this page, but it does not save it any more.  Seems to happen when I upgraded to latest JOOMLA   It did work after the JOOMLA update, just started displaying this now.

    Any advise?

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    Amit replied

    i dont understand the problem . 

  • WebGuru replied

    CSS styling on your original template sometimes affects how your Blox builder will behave. I realized this from the very beginning. It is not an issue with Blox but an issue with your template/ theme. I know CSS styling at a pro level. Because of that I fixed mine in minutes. The issue is if you don't know CSS coding then you will be stuck. Find a designer to FIREBUG the template and make CSS overrides on those pages where Blox is not showing properly. Some examples of sites I have built with Blox and created several overrides for are:


    Anyway I firebugged your site and I'm realizing you have not even inputting the correct row and column width settings to accommodate the Blox add-on you are using. 

    Also that display is very normal. Sometimes when the browser is cached Blox goes into BOX VIEW MODE instead of LIVE VIEW MODE. You can clear your browser cache from the beginning of time.
    My other experience with that also was internet connection speed. If your speed slows down, BLOX goes into BOX VIEW instead of LIVE VIEW. 

    This is not an issue just click on the top left "burger" and choose "To Live View"
    BEFORE YOU DO THAT … I will strongly advice that you choose "Export Page" to save your current Blox page. Some people have lost the entire design when forcing Box View to show in Live View mode. To be safe, just export the current page as a zip file to your desktop, first.