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Fuul screen issue


  • Rinio Roberto started the conversation

    Dear Support staff,

    I am using the Progressive Multi Purpose Template from Envato.

    Even thought that the features for full screen are there, I   cannot Manage to display the slider in full screen.

    Somebody on internet says, that the slider will display in full screen if the wrapper allows it.

    When selling the template they(Envato) promise one year support and they show the template as well with full screen  Revolution Slider 2 which is included with the template: http://progressive.nikadevs.com/?theme=progressive in one page mode.

    After buying the product, they tell everybody that the developer is not giving support on the product.

    Please help me, how can I manage to get it display in full screen?

    CMS: Joomla version, 3.7.2.
    Slider : Unite CMS ver. 4.6
    Template: Multi Purpose Template  1.0.7
    Related website: http://rastirostelli.rinioveeris.nl/

    Kind regards,

    Rinio Veeris

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    Igor replied


    you have two options how to solve this:

    1. contact your template provider to send you the latest version of the Slider

    2. buy new subscription and update your Unite slider to the latest version which can be download from UniteCMS website