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jQuery library dissapeared from Unite Gallery


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    Richard started the conversation

    I've been using Unite gallery since around 25 Feb 2017 and it had been working fine.  Today I noticed that the galleries are not loading, with the error message "Unite Gallery Error: jQuery library not included."  I haven't changed anything on the site in a few weeks.  Please advise.

    EDIT: I've also tried adding script to point to a jQuery library at jquery.com and downloading a library and adding it in my public_html directory, both with and without the troubleshooting option "Put JS Includes to Body".  Those options all cause a slightly different error message about extra libraries that make the gallery not work.

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    Igor replied


    you have multiple jQuery JS libraries loaded on the website. Please try to use Unite slider advanced setting to fix the issue or install jQuery Easy Joomla plugin to remove multiple jQuery JS libraries and keep only one