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Impossible to set correct position of elements in the editor


  • cris started the conversation

    I have bought a template with your revolution slider integrated, In the past I used already revolution slider and I always had the same problem.

    When I create a slide there is no way to positioning the elements, for example I set a text, I put it in the center and when I see the slider it is not in the center at all so I have to change the position randomly and test again 10, 100, 1000 times the same things and NEVER get the position I need. Some time the FIRST time the slide runs the position looks ok, when the same slide is displaied again the position is completely wrong even if the slide is the same

    How should I set the position of an element in the editor and see the same position even in the live website?

    As it is now to create a slider is a real agony.

    You can see the website under development here: http://www.lvconsultingsrls.it/joomla2/

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    Igor replied


    did you try to set the position using Align, Position & Styling feature?


  • cris replied

    I tried with the feature but you know sometime it is not enough to have 9 positions, by the way after using the styling feature I changed a bit the offsetY to move the item a bit down or up.

    What is happening now is that the first time the slide is shown it is completely wrong, then when the slide run again all the slides are as they should.

    Have you seen the homepage? http://www.lvconsultingsrls.it/joomla2/

    As you can see in the first slide the text is absolutely not centered but if you wait all the slides (just 2) run, when they start again they are correctly alligned, I dont understand why just the first time the slide goes the position is wrong...

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