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Mobile Scaling Issue


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    Sedona Motel started the conversation

    I am unable to figure out why the photos run off of the bottom of the screen on mobile devices?  I cannot find in any technical notes anywhere that says how you can create different pages so that so many photos aren't loaded at once and cannot all be on the same screen neatly and organized.  How can this be accomplished?  Please see attached screenshots as an example of the problem.

    Attached files:  android_Samsung-Galaxy-S5_4.4_portrait.jpg

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    Amit replied


    That looks like a "clearfix" issue in the wrapper of the module - site layout issue.

    Can you please try and publish it in a hidden page on your site, using the Protostar template, for testing? If it works fine there, than it is a template issue for sure. Please also post a link to the site, so that I can see this for myself, too!

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    Sedona Motel replied

    I added a page http://www.thesedonamotel.com/ct-about-the-inn/test-item-1 and the module does not populate on it at all.

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    Sedona Motel replied

    It is designed to show on this page within the module..........  Why wouldn't it be populating on this page when it populates on the other page?

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    Amit replied


    The module output it not on the page at all. This means joomla "didnt even try". So the module's code was not even executed. Must be something in the settings outside of the module's custom behaviours, really depends on how you included the module on the page.

    - page publishing
    - position

    If you are including as article, first include as module position and see that it works. Then, turn that off and go on to do the inclusion in the article when you know what is the only possible issue.