Unite Slider

How do i user google fonts with revolution slider ? 1. Go to the slider settings on the right side under general, change load google font to yes.2. In the input box copy and paste the name of the font you want to use3. Click edit slides4. Enter one of the slides and click edit ...

How to put the slider module inside article You can use the {loadposition} joomla shortcode. Here is the explanation how to use it: http://docs.joomla.org/How_do_you_put_a_module_inside_an_article%3F 

How do i add opacity to a background for the text layers? 1. Go to edit mode of one of the slides.2. Click Edit Css File3. Find the class of the caption you want to change4. Change the background color to background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4);5. Save and close

I have selected full width in the component however the slide show only spans the width of the TEMPLATE module. If you are using GANTRY & Rocket theme templates. Here is a quick fix for you . #rt-drawer div.rt-container{    width:100% !important; }#rt-drawer div.rt-container div.rt-grid-12{    width:100% !important;    margi ...

My slide shows a DEMO IMAGE. How can i replace it ? To change the demo image you need to enter the component >> choose a slider >> choose a slide >>  click "change image" and choose a different background image for the slide.

How to remove the shadow under the slider? On the right side in the appearnce section you have a shadow option. Change it to no shadow and save.