Nivo Slider Pro

How to put the slider module inside article You can use the {loadposition} joomla shortcode. Here is the explanation how to use it: http://docs.joomla.org/How_do_you_put_a_module_inside_an_article%3F 

The arrows on my slider are not showing. In the slider settings you have an option Direction Nav Hide , you need to select false on this one. 

How do i make the arrows always show on Unite Nivo Slider Pro. Go to the Component and click on the slider for editing.Make sure you are on the general settings tab.look for - "Direction Nav Hide" and change it to false.

I want to know why the quality of the images in the slideshow are poor. To change the image quality you need to go to this fileadministrator >> components >> comnivosliderpro >> unitejoomla >> image_view.class.phpand change line 30private $jpg_quality = 81;try changing the ...